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"Way back in 2004 I bought my Digimagic EZ PnP CD 8x recorder. I found it for sale in the UK purely by chance, and bought it to take with me when I took my first (and only trip) to the USA. One purpose of my trip was to meet friends that I knew from the Internet - it was a great trip, and I took 1,600+ photos. Each night I saved them on CDs that I had taken with me using the recorder, which I grew to love; not only that, but it was much admired by the people I met out there, and no less than three of them ordered one from your website. I was able to leave them with CDs recording our meetings in the US, and the sights that we had seen; it used the same batteries (AA) as my camera, and could be recharged on US voltage as it could in the UK. If I had had it a couple of years earlier I could have taken more higher resolution pictures when I was in Istanbul - as there were no shops there that sold media cards, and I had to reduce picture quality in order to be able to take more photos on the rapidly filling card I had with me. I also used the camera to take pictures of my niece's wedding, and was able to give CDs of the pictures to guests who requested them at the event. think it's a great machine and I'm sure that the hard disk and DVD versions are as easy to use, and I am so suprised that it doesn't sell by the thousand here in the UK! Anyway, personally, my thanks for the great machine which I love, and, as I hope to be in Vancouver later this year, I can assure you that it will once more cross the Atlantic, and see hard work once more - and all this while my laptop sits at home!"

- Tony Reeve

"I've been a photographer and a filmmaker for over 35 years. I make it a practice of not endorsing any products unless I use them and they are up to my standards and industry standards. I'd like to tell you a little story. I just finished a 5 day assignment in Venice. Every day I went I would shoot 1,2, 3, or 4 gigs of work. As soon as I filled a card, I download it into my EZDigiMagic™ DM180. At the end of the day I would go back to hotel, download the DM180 into my computer, and burn DVD discs. I still maintained all the pictures on the EZDigiMagic™ DM180 for additional back up. On my last day of shooting we had to shoot late into the eve and I was unable to get to my computer so the only back up I had were the flash cards and the EZDigiMagic™. While packing up the gear, my Production Assistant accidentally packed 5 flash cards which had not been transferred onto my computer or DVDs.. Unfortunately the airlines lost that bag along with the equivalent of 9 gigs of original art. After a horrific 36 hour trip home with missed flights and delays I was not a happy camper until I downloaded EZDigiMagic™ DM180 into my computer and found all the missing art! Because of the EZDigiMagic™compact size I always kept it in my right front pocket. Rest assured that's where it's going to stay; it actually saved 14 hours of shooting."

- Joe DiMaggio

"I find the EZDigiMagic very easy to use either with batteries, cigarette lighter or electricity. It is fast and very efficient. When I did have a problem with the unit it was handled quickly and efficiently. The staff has been very friendly and helpful."

- Ann Tompkins

"Wow… I was really popular on our camera club's last field trip. I had just gotten the EZDigiMagic… I took it out of the box (didn't read the instructions-though they recommended that!) and had it up and running in a few seconds. At the end of each photo shoot during the day, I downloaded my compact flash onto a CD on the EZDigiMagic and then started shooting again. Once the other camera club members saw what was happening, they stood in line to download their memory cards as well. It was so cool to go home with CDs of all our images. And, we did it onsite as well.. it was so compact that I put it in my camera bag and, under battery power, downloaded images right in the Alligator Farm. I didn't miss a shot. It was a miracle. I was amazed that I was able to keep using the same CD and keep adding images to it until it was full. How does it do that? I'd recommend the EZDigiMagic to anyone who is shooting digital. It was a lot better than juggling flash cards in my pocket and trying to remember which one was full and which one was empty. At night, after a day of shooting, I just loaded the CD's into my laptop and browsed the images. No need for all that PCMCIA adapter and stuff. It's a great invention."

- Jerrie Paschal,Cobb Photographic Soc

"We're new users of EZDigiMagic, but are very pleased with it. I will be the first to admit I was surprised as to how easy it is to use. I'm not a computer expert by any means, but was able to use EZDigiMagic on the very first try. Thanks for all you've done for us, it's an honor to know there is still someone who cares."

- Ed & Jan Gilstrap

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