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Important Notes for Mac Users

Important Notes for Mac UsersDM220 CD/DVD Burners:

• EZPnP™ EZDigiMagic™ products are designed to be compatible with both Windows (98SE, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista) and Macintosh (OS 10.2.X and higher) in the stand alone mode and when connected as a peripheral to a USB port.

• Although the DM220 products are provided with Windows software for DVD playback and disc burning, Mac users will find that disc mastering and burning programs such as Roxio Toast or NTI Dragon Burn operate flawlessly with the DM220 models to burn both CD and DVD discs.

• The DM220-D08 (DVD Burner) is also capable of burning DVD media directly from memory cards and can burn multiple cards to a single disc. EZPnP™ has found that the current versions of the Mac OS 10 operating system can read the DVD data discs created by the DM220-D08 but does not recognize more than the first burn session on most DVD recordable media when operated in the stand-alone mode. Therefore Mac users should use DVD+RW discs if multiple small cards are burned to a single DVD disc. Otherwise only the data from the first burn session can be seen when DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+R Dual Layer Discs are used. Mac OS 10 is able to read multiple burn sessions using DVD+RW discs.

• If Mac users want to archive data and prefer to use either DVD+R or DVD-R discs, they should still use DVD+RW to copy data from memory cards, then copy the DVD+RW disc to the archive disc using either a DVD duplicator or connect the DM220-D08 to their Mac to duplicate the DVD+RW disc. This offers the advantage of being able to verify the copy as well as the possibility of recovering data from a damaged original disc. DVD rewritable media also offers the advantage that it can be tested and erased prior to actual use.

DM180-20GB/40GB HDD:

• The EZDigiMagic DM180 can be used with Macintosh computers and mounts as an external hard disc drive as well as memory card slots using a single USB connection.

• Mac users must use caution when attempting to reformat the hard drive in DM180 models since Mac OS 10 allows the user to select from a large number of formats including HFS, NFTS, FAT16, FAT32, and etc. The DM180 can only function in the standalone mode if the internal hard drive is formatted as a single partition FAT32. For most computer users it is still best to use the DM180 internal format method if reformatting is needed

If the DM180 internal hard drive is improperly formatted it may become unusable and require repair.

As with most computer related devices it is always best to make sure your unit has the latest firmware version installed before determining if there is a problem.

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Important Notes for Mac Users
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