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Returns, Exchanges, & Warranty Info

Return Merchandise Policy

  1. Returns of merchandise for EZDigiMagic and will be accepted by EZPnP-USA. Pursuant to those terms and conditions contained herein. If returned merchandise is covered by EZPnP-USA’s Return Merchandise Policy, EZPnP-USA shall replace, exchange, or provide refund of said merchandise, at its sole discretion.

  2. We offer one-year limited product warranty for material and workmanship under normal usage conditions, excluding damages caused by abnormal conditions, natural disasters, or any misuse. If the product fails within one year of normal usage, please contact us to report the failure. Once our technical support personnel verify the failed product, we will either repair or replace the defective unit at our discretion.

  3. Only upon the receipt of returned merchandise shall EZPnP-USA determine if the product is covered by EZPnP-USA’s Return Merchandise Policy. Said determination shall be made at EZPnP-USA’s sole discretion. Merchandise that is not covered by EZPnP-USA’s Return Merchandise Policy includes, but is not limited to, merchandise that has been damaged by our customer or in shipment and products not originally sold by EZPnP-USA . In no event shall the freight portion of any invoice be refundable.

  4. If it is determined by EZPnP-USA that returned merchandise is not covered by its Return Merchandise Policy, said merchandise shall be returned to the customer freight collect, and an additional $50.00 per unit inspection fee will be charged to said customer. Prior to the return of said merchandise to the customer, EZPnP-USA shall contact the customer to see if it prefers that EZPnP-USA dispose of the merchandise.

  5. a.You must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") number from EZPnP-USA to return any merchandise for refund, replacement or exchange, including without limitation defective merchandise or incorrectly shipped merchandise. For RMA numbers, call EZPnP-USA at 888.393.9960 or email at No return merchandise will be accepted by EZPnP-USA without a proper RMA number

    b.Replacements, exchanges (non-warranty items), or refunds must be applied for within 7 days of receipt of product. The merchandise being returned must be physically received by EZPnP-USA within 5 working days from the date of RMA number issuance for replacement, exchange or refund to be applied. If not received within this time period, no replacement, exchange or refund will be allowed.

  6. Please have the following information ready when calling for an RMA number: (a) invoice number, (b) date of invoice, (c) item number, and (d) reason for return. No RMA number will be issued without this information

  7. For warranty items, all RMA numbers are valid for fourteen (14) working days. Please ship return merchandise to EZPnP-USA, 4123 North Little Creek Road, or P.O. Box 1217, Utopia, Texas 78884. If return merchandise is not shipped within the fourteen-day period, you must contact us for a new RMA number.

  8. All returns must be clearly and visibly marked with the assigned RMA number on the outside of the package. Unmarked merchandise may be returned to the customer freight collect.

  9. Please ship all merchandise with freight prepaid. EZPnP-USA will not accept any return merchandise sent collect. All merchandise must be returned in its original box. Any missing items will be charged to the customer.

  10. Proper packing is expected on all returns. The customer is liable for any and all damages which may occur during the shipment of return merchandise to EZPnP-USA.

  11. Please allow up to two weeks to process all replacements, exchanges or refunds.

  12. Normally, EZPnP-USA will ship replacement merchandise only after receiving the returned merchandise. If our customer requires the replacement merchandise prior to EZPnP-USA’s receipt of the returned merchandise, said customer will be invoiced for the replacement merchandise and credit will be given for the returned merchandise after receipt by EZPnP-USA and verification that it is covered by EZPnP-USA’s Return Merchandise Policy.

  13. All replacement merchandise will be shipped by ground transportation (US only). If our customer requests expedited shipping method, said customer will be invoiced for the difference between the requested method and ground transportation.

  14. If carton(s) damage is apparent upon delivery by shipping company, customer can sign for the carton(s) but must state to the driver that there is possible damage. The driver should note the damage and alert shipping company’s accounting department of a possible claim. Customer must notify EZPnP-USA in writing within 7 days of receipt of merchandise damaged during shipping.

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