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EZPnP™ is the perfect addition to most any product line.  The mission of EZPnP™ is to develop and manufacture computer peripheral products that are competitive in cost, make use of the latest technology, and are extremely user friendly.  We design most of our products to function with only a one-key touch operation.  As resellers, you know well that your customers want a competitively priced computer product that’s easy to use.  To that end, EZPnP™ introduces two new categories of cutting-edge products to add to your line-up: EZDigiMagic™ and EZDigiMusic™. 

EZDigiMagic™ is the absolute latest in the digital image back-up market.  You won’t find anything else like it!  EZDigiMagic™ DVD and CD burners enable you to produce a back-up copy of digital photos directly from the flash memory card onto a CD-R/W or DVD-R/RW discs. EZDigiMagic™Dm180 copies pictures and data directly from your flash memory card on to a 20GB or 40GB portable HDD in a matter of minutes. One-touch operation and stand-alone solution make using EZDigiMagic a snap, allowing photographers to back up their photos instantaneously.  EZDigiMagic’s portability and compact size contribute to making this product a hot commodity for both amateur and professional digital photographers alike.  EZDigiMagic can also be connected to a PC for use as a memory card reader, DVD/CD burnes, or external HDD.  Designed with EZPnP’s goals in mind, EZDigiMagic is competitively priced, built to last and easy to use.

The EZDigiMusic™ MP300 retrieves audio files from a CD via industry standard USB port, and converts them to MP3 format instantly with the touch of a single button.  Once converted to MP3, the files can be easily transferred to an MP3 player or flash memory card. EZDigiMusic™ was designed to allow consumers to convert their favorite CD collections directly to flash-based MP3 players or SD/MMC flash memory cards that can be used in their mobile phone, PDA, and other mobile devices.   This will allow users to enjoy true, CD-quality, digital sound On-The-Go!   

Take a closer look at each of our products — detailed specification sheets and PDF downloads are just a click away. 

EZPnP offers our resellers quality products at very attractive prices along with continuous support and service.  Some of the advantages of working with EZPnP include solid customer service support, trained technical support, a 1-year product warranty handled by EZPnP and ready-to-use product copy and art work.  We invite you to complete and return our Reseller Interest form — or give us a call at 877-643-4900.

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