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Frequently Asked Questions

»   Are the DM220-D04, portable DVD+-R/RW units available. If so what price and how do I go about getting hold of one.
»   Can I use my DM220 as a CD-ROM player when it hooked up to my computer? I use Windows XP
»   Do the EZDigiMagic CD Burner and the EZDigiMagic DVD Burner support the SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) format?
»   Do you do a multi layer DVD burner?
»   Does the EZDigiMagic work with the XD memory card?
»   I have the D220-D08 There were no drivers that came with it where can I get the drivers?
»   My office has an EZDigiMagic Model DM220-D08. It reads our older SD cards but not newer ones. Cameras, SD cards, USB thumb drives, etc. cannot be connected to computers on our network. It is used solely as a stand alone device for transferring data from SD cards to CD or DVD. Is there a software or firmware update for the DM220-D08B that will allow it to read newer and larger SD cards?
»   What is the difference between the DM220 Silver unit and the DM220 Blue unit?
»   Why is the [Write] light blinking red when the manual says it should be yellow?
»   Will Canon flash cards work in the EZDigiMagic™ Digital Photo Storage Device?
»   Do the DM220/DM550 series products support larger than 64GB capacity flash cards or USB external storage devices?
»   Does the EZdigiMagic DM220/320 have any compatibility issues with any digital cards?
»   I have an Apple Macintosh computer. Will it work with my Mac?
»   I have an EZDigiMagic&trade and would like to use it to burn images stored on a fairly old laptop. I connected the burner and got a message that I need a driver.
»   I prefer to shoot in RAW file format for high resolution photos. Can the unit handle these types of files?
»   If the format on the flash card or USB external storage device is exFAT, how can DM220/DM550 use such devices?
»   What file system formats for flash cards and external USB storage devices are supported by DM220/DM550 series products?
»   When I plug my EZDigiMagic unit into my computerís USB port all the lights come on and stay on Ė Why?
»   Why is it that when I bring my digital files over to my computerís hard drive, I cannot save it under the same name after editing? However, as long as I change the file name it can be saved to the hard drive, floppy or other media?


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